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Frenchbeer Farm Cold Room 

The Family farm has been lucky enough to receive grant funding from the European agricultural fund for rural development. This grant has part funded a new cold store to allow us to hang our turkeys in a controlled environment to enable the taste and texture to be enhanced, resulting in an award winning flavour.

In 1986 my parents came to the traditional Dartmoor hill farm known as Frenchbeer. While building up the sheep flock and beef herd, a few Christmas turkeys were produced to aid cash flow. These proved very popular with their customers so they decided to produce more and this has become an important part of the family business. We now take great pride in creating a quality product which we know will become the highlight of one of your most important meals of the year.

Our bronze turkeys are all slow growing strains which enjoy a free range lifestyle and by Christmas are fully mature and have a traditional ‘finish’ of fat. It is this along with the hanging of the birds which make our turkeys tender, succulent and delicious

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